The Mold Remediation Process

1. What is mold remediation?

Mold remediation is an important process when it comes to indoor air quality. It involves inspecting, cleaning and treating materials that have been damaged by mold growth. Mold remediation helps get rid of existing mold as well as prevent it from growing back. This often requires specialized technicians because the extent of the damage can be difficult to decipher which means remedial actions need to be carefully thought out and taken in order to ensure all the mold spores have been properly removed. In order to make sure your home or office environment is free of moisture or water since moist areas can allow for faster spread of molds. Properly maintained HVAC systems and air filters can also help keep mold spores at bay. If you suspect mold growth in your home or work place, calling a professional for an inspection and proper advice on how to proceed with necessary remedies is essential for achieving desired results in mold remediation.

2. How long does mold remediation take?

Remediating mold from a home or business property can be a tedious and complicated process that can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks. Factors such as the severity of contamination, size of the area that is affected, techniques being used for removal, and accessibility all play a role in determining the time frame. For smaller areas with limited levels of contamination and easy access, the job may be done relatively quickly. On the other hand, large scale remediation projects with significant amounts of inaccessible mold growth could require much longer periods of time. The best way to gain an accurate understanding of how long your individual remediation project may last is to consult with a professional company specializing in this field.

3. Can you stay in your home during mold remediation?

Mold remediation can be an overwhelming process for homeowners. The last thing you want to do is leave your home and the associated costs that come with it. Luckily, staying in your home during the mold remediation process is possible if done safely and correctly. In order to stay in your home, be sure that your contractor or professional follows all of the necessary safety procedures such as finding and containing the source of moisture, using plastic sheeting walls to separate contaminated spaces from living areas, using an air purifier and wearing personal protective equipment. While being present during the mold remediation process is beneficial because you can answer questions and explain any points of confusion--it's important to remember to ensure that all safety protocols are followed so that you stay safe while having your home returned back to its original state.

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I had a devastating fire in my home, which led to extensive water and mold damage. Gary and his crew were so polite and professional. They took great care in cleaning and packing my possessions in an orderly way. They compiled an easy to follow inventory, cataloging everything and providing a detailed list of all of the contents of my home. When I was able to move back into my house, all of my belongings were returned to their proper places. Gary always worked in my best interest and it was wonderful to feel like he was an ally to me during this extremely difficult time in my life. I would recommend Giordano Restoration to anyone who is faced with a disaster in their home.

Rita V.

Hot water heater filled our basement a couple weeks before Christmas.  Giordano Restoration was fast, informative and professional.  Amazing staff.  I 100% recommend Giordano Restoration.

Vali Troxell

I highly recommend Gary and his team for any mold and/or water damage. They are top notch. Very professional and SO thorough and clean!  They pack everything thing up, move it out and unpack just it was prior to the loss. I would definitely utilize his services again if need be.

Joan Green

Gary was fantastic throughout the whole process. Very timely at responding and explains everything in detail so as a consumer you know what’s happening next. His knowledge of mold remediation is unparallel to anyone in the business. Very professional and as a real estate agent felt completely at ease and comfortable with Gary. I have the absolute trust in him and I highly recommend him to any and all of my clients.

Scott Pellerin